Are Roof Racks compatible with a Ute Canopy?

  • By Fleet Trades

When exploring the world of custom ute trays, you will quickly see a variety of Roof Racks available to be optioned as part of your aluminium ute canopy. As the preferred supplier of ute trays and service bodies to industry and consumer alike, our team are often asked whether a Roof Rack is a suitable accessory for our customer’s vehicles.

 In this blog, we will answer the question about Roof Rack and Ute Canopy compatibility, as well as other frequently asked questions on this topic.

Are Roof Racks suitable for my Ute Canopy or Service Body?

Alongside ladder racks, Roof Racks are suitable to be optioned onto your Ute Canopy or Service Body build. Due to their size, canopies are generally constructed from aluminium to keep the overall weight down and maintain the payload of your ute. This means that you are able to add additional accessories to improve the Canopy’s function or appearance without compromising on weight.

What are Roof Racks made from?

Our Roof Racks are all fully-welded and available in either:

  • Heavy-duty Steel, or
  • Brushed Aluminium

The choice of material depends on your needs, preferences, and the overall weight of the Canopy. We recommend that Aluminium Roof Racks be combined with a canopy.

Our Roof Racks are 150mm high, with a 25mm welded box section steel construction for strength, or, 40mm welded aluminium tube construction.

Are Roof Racks compatible with camping gear?

Yes! In fact, Roof Racks can often be a convenient tie-down point for common camping accessories, such as awnings. Several of our customers use their Roof Racks on their off-road adventures.

When mounting any additional accessories to your ute, please check the instructions and any manufacturer’s recommendations for secure installation, weight and wind-rating.

Tip: the side doors on a Flat Aluminium Canopy can be opened to provide some shelter from the sun, wind or rain in a pinch!

Are Roof Racks practical?

Roof Racks are a very practical way to keep tools, building materials and ladders easily accessible, yet out of harm's way. Our Roof Racks offer an additional 4 sqm of storage for your ute tray, being 3000mm long by 1420mm wide and are compatible with our range of Trays, Canopies and Service Bodies to suit all Single, Extra or Dual Cab Utes.

You could also opt for Ladder Rollers for even easier loading and unloading.


Fleet Trades’ reputation for customer service and quality products has made us the preferred partner for industry and direct-to-consumer alike. We partner with fitment centres across Australia to ensure you get access to our high quality Trays, Canopies and Accessories for your vehicle.

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