Tray top lockers, come in both galvanised / powdercoated finish and Checker plate aluminium. Fully sealed, tapered to cabin contour and come in a variety of sizes to suit different length trays.

*please note compression locks as pictured have been replaced with centrally mounted swing handle locks

Key Features 

  • Neoprene rubber weather seal
  • Tapered to cabin contour
  • Centrally mounted swing handle locks
  • Optional internal shelves
  • Full depth lid for accessibility
  • Dual heavy duty gas struts
  • 3 different lengths to suit dual, extra and single cab variants. Optional height of 700mm, 800mm, or 900mm for aluminium lockers. 
  • Can be mounted behind or in-line with drop side (in-line requires further modification)
  • Marine grade 2.5mm checker plate aluminium
  • Durable galvanised, powder coated steel construction
  • Flat aluminium can be ordered


Tray Lockers

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