Custom Ute Tray with Sliding Trundle Drawer

What is an under tray drawer?

Our Sliding Trundle Drawers are a secure and efficient way to add storage to your ute tray or canopy. Compatible with all of our standard and custom ute trays, our Sliding Trundle Drawers are designed to fit in between the chassis runners under your Ute Tray Body giving you full use of the gap normally left empty.

This is ideal for storing a variety of long items such as shovels, but can also be compartmentalised for storing smaller items. 

A Sliding Trundle Drawer may also be referred to as:

  • Under Tray Drawer
  • Trundle Drawer
  • Ute Tray Drawer

Are Sliding Trundle Drawers compatible with all ute trays?

Our Sliding Trundle Drawers are available in multiple lengths to ensure that they can suit your vehicle and Fleet Trades tray, canopy or service body. Sliding Trundle Drawers are comptable with single-cab, extra- and dual-cab ute trays.

What areas do you supply Sliding Trundle Drawers?

We partner with fitment centres across Australia to ensure you get access to our high quality Trays, Canopies and Accessories for your vehicle.