Tonneau Cover


Durable soft tonneau covers, specifically made to be fitted to our line of Steel and Aluminium Tray Bodies

Tonneau Cover Features

  • Super-soft felt on the underside protecting the Tray body finish 
  • Tonneau Cover is Easy to remove 
  • Rip resistant material 
  • Rot proof thread
  • 99% UV protection
  • Water-proof material (note that water or dust may enter via gaps in drop sides)  
  • Available in individual bungee
  • Can be ordered with Ladder Rack allocation for Steel and HD aluminium tray bodies (can't be used with Standard Aluminium tray bodies and ladder rack at the same time, available only as special order) 
  • Compatible with Fleet Trades line of Steel and Aluminium Tray bodies only and may not fit any pre-existing hardware 
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