Ladder Rack

Rear Ladder racks supplied and fitted to Fleet Trades line of Tray bodies
$440.00 (Inc. GST)

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Our rear ladder racks are designed to lift in/lift out from their pockets incorporated into the rear of the tray body. Allowing you to carry large bulky items overhead, they are perfect for the tradesman to carry their ladders, pipes, conduits, or timber. Fully removable and allowing you to utilise the full tray space when required.

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  • 76mm powder coated white or charcoal steel pipe as standard for our Steel trays
  • 76mm highly polished stainless-steel pipe as standard on our Heavy-Duty aluminium trays (optional for Steel trays)
  • 62mm anodised aluminium pipe to suit our Standard aluminium trays
  • Contoured to the shape of the vehicle cabin
  • Replaces rear corner posts on Steel & Heavy-Duty Aluminium trays allowing full use of the tray floor while the rack is in position
  • Floor mounted pods allow drop in and out fitment in our Standard Aluminium trays
  • Removable within minutes
  • SWL 120kg. This is the combined load of the front and rear racks secured correctly to the tray body via the lower tie rails. This maximum safe working load is reduced if the vehicle is taken off-road. Please consult your owner's manual for clarification.
  • Can only be fitted to new or existing Fleet Trades brand of tray bodies

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